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The changing situation and impact of the Covid-19 outbreak has impacted many families, companies, and countries around the world. Our family and company is no exception.
  • Operations at our showroom and main location has been suspended to protect our employees, customers, and community.
  • This closure in accordance to our state and county-wide government mandates will remain until April 20th.
    Date subject to change depending on the on-going and constantly changing situation.
  • Pre-orders can still be placed on webstore. However we will not charge for the orders nor are we able to process them until we reopen our physical storefront.
  • Orders that we can still process and ship are those that contain items entirely from the following categories:
    • Rechargeable capacitors
    • Hearing aid batteries
    • Bezel Inserts
We hope that all our customers, friends and family, and communities will remain healthy while traversing these difficult times. We look forward to being to able to serve everyone again when normalcy returns in the future.

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