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Variable Speed Micro Drill Grinder and Polishing Tool Kit

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Variable Micro Drill Grinder and Polishing Tool Kit
  • 1 mini electric rotary grinder. 
  • Variable speed of 5000 - 18000 RPM
  • Includes 18V AC/DC wall socket adapter. Input power of 220V.
  • Great tool to have for DIY projects, jewelry and watch repair, polish, grind, drill, cut, engrave, sand and much more!
  • Comes in organized big red box.
Tools included in box: 
  • 10 piece set of thin "pin hole" Resin cut off discs used for cutting through metal and wood.
  • 1 "wheel mandrel" 
  • 5 piece set of Drill bits in a variety of sizes. Sizes range from 0.5mm - 3.0mm  thickness.
  • 5 chuck adapter for drill bits and other polishing tool mandrels in a variety of sizes.  Opening sizes range from 0.5mm - 3.0mm 
  • 2 sand paper drums used for polishing, trimming and deburring  wood
  • 1 rubber drum mandrel
  • 2 pieces of diamond burrs used for grinding and removing rust from metals. 1 "pointed tip " and 1 "cylinder tip
  • 2 pink aluminum-oxide abrasive mounted on mandrel used for grinding hard metal. 1 round shaped and 1 cone shaped. 
  • 3 green silicon carbide mounted on mandrel used to cut carbide, titanium and polish steel. 1 "t-shaped" 1 "cylinder" shaped and 1 "cone shaped"
  • 1 white cone shaped aluminum oxide abrasive mounted on mandrel used for platinum jewelry. 
  • 1 round steel saw blade mounted on mandrel used for cutting. 
  • 1 straight brass wire "End" brush used for deburring and cleaning. 
  • 1 crimped brass wire wheel brush used for deburring, cleaning and creating a matte finish on metals.
  • 5 wool felt polishing buffs mounted on mandrel. 3 cylinder shaped buffs, 1 wheel buff and 1 cone shaped buff. 
  • 1 yellow muslin buff wheel used to create a high polish finish with jewelers rouge
  • 1 small clear storage container. 

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